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Lakeview Cemetery is located at the top of the eastern end of Main Street. It is adjacent to the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility, the city water tower, the ball fields, and the county fairgrounds.

The cemetery is subject to the rules and regulations established by the City of Manistique.

Cemetery lots are available for sale through the City of Manistique and must be arranged during business hours.

The cemetery is maintained by City employees.

The Ethel Brown Trust is a charitable trust established by Ethel Brown to enable the care, upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery in which Ethel Brown is interred.

A cemetery owned and operated by the City of Manistique  with the assistance of a generous trust established by Ethel Brown. The trust account is administered by the First Baptist Church of Manistique for the care, upkeep and maintenance of the Lakeview Cemetery in Manistique.



The city of Manistique owns and operates two cemeteries. The oldest of these cemeteries is  Lakeview Cemetery. The Cemetery began as a private entity with burials dating back to the mid-1800’s. The cemetery was given to the city to manage and care for.

Lakeview Cemetery is the location of the City’s burial vault which serves as a storage facility for bodies during the winter months since regular burials are


Lakeview and Fairview Cemeteries

Ethel Brown was a woman from Manistique who worked hard and lived in several different towns. At the time of her death in 1972 at the age of 95, Ethel Brown left a number of charitable bequests.

Among those remembered were her church (the First Baptist Church of Manistique), the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, and the city-owned cemetery in which she and her family would be buried.

Her final bequest was to benefit the care, upkeep, and maintenance of the Lakeview Cemetery in Manistique to be managed by the First Baptist Church.

Since the Trust was established, the charity has provided the city cemetery with many enhancements through funding special projects. Some of the projects include: chain link fence around the cemetery; retaining wall; powered entry gates; bricked vault; paved roads; landscaping; tree plantings; and a columbarium.

Lakeview Cemetery Manistique, MI